Demo models

Simple Merging


This simple model demonstrates simulation of vehicles merging from the on-ramp to highway with 3 lanes. Cars joining the highway give ways to those moving on the highway.

This example based on Amalgama Traffic Microsimulation Library.
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Comparison of Service Types at Gas Station


Coming to gas station to fill your fuel tank, more and more often you can see people not knowing how to use this simple service. More and more companies in Russia use new and uncommon for Russia service types at gas stations. These types include fully automated gas stations or those with “first fill – then pay” scheme. Range of offered service types gets wider not only in Moscow and St.Petersburg but throughout the country.

Are the new service types more time-efficient? Which type of service allows to minimize average customer service time? How well can different gas stations cope with customer flow at rush-hours?

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Traffic Light Signals Optimization


Traffic jams have become a sad part of everyday life for many people even beyond large cities. Of course, jams are the symptom of lack of throughput capacity of streets and roads. But sometimes the reason for congestion is just poor traffic flows management – in this case wasting time becomes especially disappointing.

The typical case of poor traffic flows management is inefficient signaling. Many Russian drivers can easily remember the situation when precious green seconds are on when nobody can use them while suddenly turned on red light stops a whole bunch of approaching cars. If traffic lights work like this, simple driving ahead through wide street can turn into a nightmare.

The unstable, “stop-and-go”, traffic flow is not only annoying for drivers but also has a negative impact on environment as acceleration requires 2-3 times more fuel than maintaining certain speed.

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Comparison of Putaway Policies at Warehouse


Warehouse is an essential part of any distribution network of any goods from fruit to complex equipment. Supply chain and operations consulting experience shows relatively low maturity of Russian warehouse operators. The quality of warehousing service is often below expectations of both international and Russian clients. So, demand on improving warehouse operational efficiency is growing up.

Modern warehouse is a complex automated system functioning under permanent operational workload. This makes warehouse a very difficult object to manage, requiring thorough analysis to make any decision at design stage as well as during operation.

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