Simple Merging


This simple model demonstrates simulation of vehicles merging from the on-ramp to highway with 3 lanes. Cars joining the highway give ways to those moving on the highway.

This example based on Amalgama Traffic Microsimulation Library.

It goes beyond the built-in AnyLogic Road Traffic Library and
allows to:
• Model smooth car-following logic based on reaction time and safety distance calculation by speed difference;
• Model gap-acceptance and realistic lane changing behavior of drivers;
• Create models of signalized and unsignalized pedestrian crossings using AnyLogic Pedestrian Library;
• Model yield and give-way junctions;
• Develop models of adaptive traffic signaling systems;
• Use other features that make you traffic models more realistic and adequate.

Beta-version of the library will be free to download and use.
News about the library will be posted at  and in our profile!

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