Transportation load building policy improvement



Project objective
  • Determine the order aggregation and load building policies that give better performance of passenger vehicle supply chain in Russia
Our scope of work
  • Problem definition and formalization, target function formulation
  • Simulation model development
  • Comparative analysis of order aggregation and load building policies at various values of their parameters
  • Development of final report containing results of comparison and overall business case calculation
Simulation model inputs
  • Vehicle production sequence of Hyundai plant at Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Vehicles demand forecast split by regions, models, configurations and colors
  • Distribution network (plant, warehouses, routes, etc…)
Simulation model structure elements
  • Excel-file with model input data
  • Simulation model in AnyLogic 6 with interactive visualization
  • Reporting module
Simulation model outputs
  • Overall supply chain performance indicators (dealers service level, delay rate, operational costs)
  • Utilization of transport routes and warehouses capacities
  • Order aggregation and load building policies benchmark matrix
Project result
  • Model allowed to prove the selection of order aggregation and load building policy
  • The simulation result became the base of business case of supply chain improvement project for the Client

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